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6 Important Animals in the Bible and Their Lessons

Have you ever wondered what animals were mentioned in the Bible?

If you search Google “animals in the Bible”, you’ll probably get tons of information: lists of animals from A to Z and what verses you can find these animals.

Here are 3 (three) websites I found worthwhile:

Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of animals that appeared in the Bible.
Bible Study Tools listed 33 animals with their meanings.
ChristianAnswers.Net also has a list of animals from A to Z with a scientific description of each animal.

While the above-mentioned websites are great resources of information, they are way too good! 😲

They have lots of descriptions, details, meanings and other information for each animal that you can see in the Bible! And when I say lots, I really mean a looooooooot!!!!!!!!!! 😫😖😧

Have you seen how many exclamation points I used? That’s not even a percent of the information you can get from the websites above!

Well, if you are a reader or a serious student studying the Bible, you can very well utilize the information from those sites and learn a lot from them.

But if you are a beginner like me, someone who is just starting to study the Bible, those sites can be quite overwhelming! If you’ll notice, I tend to use the word “overwhelming” in my posts because that is what I am feeling right now.

I feel overwhelmed by how much God loves me. That is the very reason why I want to know more about Him. But boy, it’s not easy!

Living in a fast-paced modern world where you need to always be on the go or you’ll be left behind, there’s only a few hours left in our day to spend for what matters most.

That’s why I like to take things down a notch, simplify things and take note of the more important things. 😊


My list may not be as comprehensive as the ones listed above but they are just as worthwhile! I have listed key thoughts that will remind us how awesome God is!

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What Children Can Teach You to Be a Worthy Christian

Today is our first day of Watching Jesus Wednesday (WJW)! 🙌🎊🎉

I am so happy and excited to share what I learned from Jesus today, attitudes I should imitate from Jesus and from children.

I am also excited for you to go through WJW and hear what you’ve learned!

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Going Back to the Bible Times

Have you ever wondered about the places mentioned in the Bible? What kind of terrain they have? What plants and animals were living back then?

Have you ever thought about the people in Bible times? What was their tradition? What was their religions and beliefs? What kind of society did they have?

They said that to understand a story, one has to understand the history behind it, as well.

Timeless Tuesday is dedicated to learning about the peoples and empires in Bible times, the world of the Bible, and the ancient beliefs and practices back then.

Why, then, should we learn about the background of the Bible times?

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2 Simple and Quick Ways to a Fruitful and Faithful Friday

Hooray! It’s Friday!

It’s the last day of the work week! Time for some celebration or relaxation!

This is a day when we want to de-stress and spend our time sitting on a couch or resting on our bed. Nevertheless, Fridays should never be a dull day for our faith.

Personally, I admit that there are times that I do not read devotionals because I find them too serious. Yes, being a Christian requires seriousness in devoting ourselves to God. But reading words and words of things related to what you have heard from sermons repeating every year, those words get overwhelming and tiring.

Imagine this scenario:

You open your Daily Devotional, read the Bible verse for the day and see the author/writer’s reflection containing several paragraphs with a number of words in each paragraph. Woah!

The content is similar to yesterday’s devotional, love your neighbor, love others, pray, more verses. Your tendency is to just skim through the devotional, only stopping when you find something that you didn’t know or something that you related with.

Not spiritually fulfilling, right? Something worse could happen, as well, like not continuing to read the whole devotional! I am actually on that worse point. 😦 That is why I am continuously looking for engaging ways to keep the fire burning.

Here is another scenario, this time on a Friday:

You get home from work. You are physically tired and mentally tired. You just want to lie down, de-stress and relax. You decide to read God’s words because you know they are comforting. You open your evening devotional and then you see the long reflections. You try to read the whole thing but they just won’t stick!

Frustrating, right? Instead of having a stress-free end to your work week, you end up draining your thoughts doing a lot of reflections.

How do we still continue to become fruitful as Christians without overwhelming and stressing ourselves?

I’ve just got the things for us! Yes, us, including me!

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Why I Will Do the Gratitude Challenge (And Maybe You Should, Too)

It’s a Thursday and the week is almost over! Have you given thanks to the Lord?

I have but I feel like my thanks are not enough. I feel like I missed some things that I should also be thankful for.

Our Almighty God has continuously showered us with blessings. Some of these blessings, we have taken for granted. There are some we haven’t noticed or we might have thought to be minor only. And some we haven’t thanked enough.

But we must remember this:

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Heavenly Lights.

James 1:17 NI

There are a lot of things we have received from God, but we tend to only see those that we asked for and those that had a big impact in our life.

We sometimes forget to thank God for:

  • The new day He has given us 🌞
  • The food He has provided 🍞
  • The financial source that He has sent our way 💰
  • The good weather ⛅
  • The house we live in 🏠
  • The family who loves us 👪
  • The friends who make us laugh 👭

Even the stranger who smiled at us, and a lot more!

I am guilty of such! 😭 That is why I decided to do the Gratitude Challenge weekly.

What is the Gratitude Challenge and how can it make us better Christians?

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The Only Thing You Need to Do to Be a Better Christian (+FREE Worksheet)

My mom once told me the meaning of the word “Christian”. She said it like this:

When you remove Christ from the word Christian, you are left with three (3) letters: I-A-N.

It only tells us one thing:

Without Christ, I Am Nothing.

We all have our dreams and goals in life. We have people we look up to, people who are successful, people who are living a good life. We either want to be like them or we want to live their lives.

As a Christian, we look up at Jesus to become a faithful servant of the Almighty God. Jesus Christ is our role model in doing God’s will.

But what do we do to become the persons we look up to? We follow their ways. We listen to their words. We watch how they do things.

Watching Jesus Wednesday focuses on only one thing: watching Jesus to learn from Him on how we can become better Christians.

What, then, should we watch?

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